Spring Summer 2017

Struck by the collision of the ridiculous decadence of the late 1980s and her own chavvy childhood in Lancashire, Powney approached the 80s with a dose of wit to develop the Mother of Pearl SS17 collection, finding her inspiration in the diversity of female leads from the 1989 film series New York Stories.

Her first muse was Zoë Martinez, the outrageously over indulged heroine of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1989 film Life Without Zoë, co- written by Sofia Coppola. Pastel coloured tweeds, dropped waists, chains, luxury fabrications and pale denim, combined with oversized shapes and extra long sleeves, draw upon the wardrobe of 9 year old Zoë and her friends, wearing their mother’s couture.

In complete contrast, Sadie Millstein’s neatly perfected style in Woody Allen’s Oedipus Wrecks inspired Powney to develop prints, details and layering. The colour palette of Mrs. Millstein’s outfits and granny flat, details of her costume jewellery, cushions and curtains, can be seen scattered throughout.

Paulette’s style and attitude, in Martin Scorsese’s Life Lessons, offered the perfect reference to add a slightly racy tone to SS17. Paulette’s understated sexuality materialises through black bodycon dresses, loosely done up oversized shirts, jeans and T-shirts which Powney has infused with her other character influences.

With sportswear the mainstay of Mother of Pearl and idiosyncratic to Powney’s design DNA, SS17 remains grounded with a sense of nonchalance and cool seen through sports socks, relaxed styling and branded sweaters and tapes. These athletic aspects clash with frilled boots and heels, ready for the Mother of Pearl woman to make her way to Rodeo Drive!

Look 1
Otis denim coat with pearls
Finley denim trouser with frill cuff
Look 2
Milo denim shirt dress
Look 3
Annie neoprene dress with vertical frill
Look 4
Otis neoprene coat with pearls
Rosalind daisy damask blouse in white
Dorcus neoprene printed midi skirt
Look 5
Chester tailoring blouse in red
Charlie jersey t-shirt in white
Dorcus denim midi skirt
Look 6
Abigail denim shirt
Alberta denim shift top
Jewell denim trouser with pearl cuff
Look 7
Cleve stripe lace t-shirt
Elmira stripe lace skirt
Look 8
Charlie jersey t-shirt in white
Quincey stripe lace shift dress
Look 9
Bryant tweed coat in navy
Astrid daisy/cloque dress in navy
Jenny backpack in black
Look 10
Lutie knit flared dress in navy
Look 11
Bonnie daisy damask blouse in red
Elmira daisy damask skirt in red
Look 12
Twilla daisy damask dress in red
Look 13
Chester tailoring blouse in red
Blaine flocked tulle dress in pink
Look 14
Charlie jersey t-shirt in white
Jewell tailoring trouser in red
Look 15
Chester blouse in navy dreamer print
Charlie jersey t-shirt in white
Elmira skirt in navy dreamer print
Look 16
Otto jersey top in black
Twilla dress in serpent rose print
Look 17
Andres printed dress with flat pleats
Winston satchel bag in black
Look 18
Helma jersey sweatshirt in black
Gail tweed dress in white
Look 19
Andres tweed dress in ivory
Jude shoulder bag in red
Look 20
Lavanda blouse in toile pink rose print
Ola long skirt in toile pink rose print
Jude shoulder bag in black
Look 21
Milo wool shirt dress in white
Look 22
Astrid tweed/cloque dress in white
Look 23
Max tweed hoodie in white
Jewell tailoring trouser in navy
Jude shoulder bag in red
Look 24
Vince tweed blouse in navy
Christie tweed/tulle skirt in navy
Look 25
Arizona tailoring shift top in navy
Finley trouser with frill cuff in navy
Look 26
Otto jersey top in black
Twilla flocked tulle dress in navy
Look 27
Charlie jersey t-shirt in black
Blaine metallic dress in hibiscus print
Look 28
Lavanda wool blouse in white
Elmira metallic skirt in hibiscus print
Look 29
Otis neoprene coat in white
Maude long sequin skirt in white
Jude shoulder bag in pink
Look 30
Chester lurex blouse in white
Rollie daisy damask dress in white
Look 31
Aurora knit jumper in white
Christie tweed/tulle skirt in gold
Look 32
Codey tweed hoodie in gold
Maude tweed long skirt in gold
Look 33
Look 34
Blair tweed wrap coat in gold
Jewell denim trouser
Jude shoulder bag in pink
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